Adsol is the synthetic of two Latin words; Ad (indicates movement) and Sol (the Sun). It’s also the alias of Stelios Goulas, music producer from Greece, from which he’s been releasing ambient based music for the past few years.

Adsol was founded in 2012 as attempt for Stelios Goulas to externalize his internal concerns through music. The idea evolved when “Unprecedented Landscapes” was released back in 2012 by Space Alchemy Lab, including a remix from Sonic Crime.

“Unprecedented Landscapes” was followed by a second release in 2014, two years later, called “Time“. “Time” was released by From A Tree Records, this time including a remix from Esoteric Sob. The self-titled track “Time” also featured in “Emerging Organisms Vol. 5” compilation released by Tympanik Audio.

A few years later, Adsol returns with a Single called “I” in May 2016 and at the same time announces Eos .audio, a net-label made to release his own music. “I” was more organic sounding than his previous electronic based releases while the electronic elements were still present.

Three months after that, Adsol releases “Ave Sanctus Dei“, his latest EP, being a chain-breaker to the personal concept as this one derives from the Biblical Mythology.